Saturday, 16 June 2012

One Year

‎"The heart of India is its people, and it is a heart like no other. It is rich, not from what it owns, but from what it will offer to you, even while you are still a stranger. 

It will teach you how to eat with the fingers of your right hand. [...] India will introduce you to graciousness, where the opportunity to serve is held in high regard. It will show you where Mother Teresa left her values symbolism and tradition. It wiggles its head and tells you 'no problem' to whatever you ask. 

You will feel special, amazed, full, stirred, naive, helpless, enraged, awakened- and all in the first day. India is magical."

- Naomi Zacharias, "The Scent of Water"

A year ago today I left for Kolkata, the city that holds my heart with a fierce, relentless grip...refusing to let go despite dispute, depression, disillusionment. 

I miss all of it. 

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