Monday, 5 September 2011

Memories in no particular order



After a day in Kolkata, 6 flights of stairs and getting caught in the monsoon: collapsing with relief and contentment under the ceiling fans in our apartment, spread-eagle, paying no attention whatsoever to how bedraggled we might look or what other people are doing in the room.

Mary: "Chai? Chai anyone?"

Mary, our own chai-wallah/jukebox ("Do you know that one that goes 'wouldn't it be nice if we were older'?!").

Going to Sarah for all our physical ailments, despite the fact that she is not a med student. "How do you know all this medical stuff?"   "I only know common sense stuff!"
Going to Hannah for all our physical ailments, because she really is a med student. Consulting the huge manual she lugged to Kolkata. Her praying over our fevers, sore body parts, aches, pains.

Cramming all 14 of us into the common room for dinner, corner to corner.

Debashish cooking us that huge pot of rice and never knowing what to do with it after.
"Let's make sweet rice!"
"But raisins are so expensive..."

Leah befriending that shopkeeper.
"Oh you brought another friend!"

As you think of random fond memories in Kolkata, please post them below!

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