Monday, 5 September 2011

Why "Dhonno Bahd"?

From our team to you, Kolkata! We thank you. 

Dhonno bahd means "thank you" in Bengali.

Apparently as North Americans in Kolkata, we would say 'thank you' way too much (force of habit!): after bargaining, after being handed our bag of mangoes at the market, after receiving change from the seller, and once again when leaving the fruit stall.

I think we amused many a local Kolkatan by our constant usage of this phrase.

Right before we left for the airport, my team and I stood on the roof and, in unison, shouted at the city at the top of our lungs. Sort of as a farewell I think. For some of my teammates it was a chance to finally tell the city what they truly thought about it.

I wanted to thank the city for all it had taken away and given me.
So I thought it would be fitting that I named this blog "thank you", in memory of the last thing I told the city. 

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